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About Vaget

VAGET is a music project inspired by pagan, slavic and viking culture. It draws inspirations from folk music and focuses on hypnotic soundspaces with electronic elements, inspired by the lifestyle, atmosphere, rituals of medieval and ancient tribes of northern and central Europe.


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duch gór

Duch gór

  • Forbidden Kingdom
  • Duch Gór
  • Tears Of Seven Water Nymphs
  • Ashes And Dust *
  • Sudéta
  • The Wild Hunter
  • Wrath

Release date: 16.04.2021

* Extended version only on CD

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30 PLN
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Ancient Roots

  • Ancestors Are Coming
  • Blizzard Of Ages
  • Summoning Of The Spirits
  • Into The Mountain Hall
  • The Chamber Of The Fallen
  • Rencontre
  • Ancient Roots

Release date: 26.08.2020